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About JDM Quality Auto Parts

JDM Quality Auto Parts

JDM Quality Auto Parts, serving the automotive world since 1985 and one of Canada’s largest importers and distributors of jdm engines, transmissions and aftermarket automotive collision parts. With ONE HUNDRED NINETY THOUSAND square feets in three Ontario locations, JDM Quality Auto Parts also has worldwide reach. We have branches in Japan and the U.A.E; plus we have the distinct advantage of being able to import used J-D-M engines and transmissions from Japan and new aftermarket body parts from Taiwan. We keep the mark-up low and pass the savings on to our customers.


Our online store

Our online store is a great place to shop it gives you all kinds of options. It allows you to check the status of an order, buy online, pay online, check your previous orders and change your shipping and billing address anytime you want. You’ll also find special discounts available there.


From smaller mechanic shops to ...

From smaller mechanic shops to collision centers to wholesalers and insurance companies, those in the market for JDM engines, transmission and new aftermarket body parts turn to JDM Quality Auto Parts. We beat the competition when it comes to low prices, and we offer same-day and next-day delivery to shorten your wait on parts we may NOT have in stock. We also invite you to ask about JDM Quality’s tough warranties for all our J-D-M engines and transmissions: up to 90 days! We also offer a one-year warranty on new aftermarket body parts.


Did you know ...

Did you know that we sell used JDM cars? We also install engines and transmissions, and perform a number of other mechanical jobs. We specialize in the sale of JDM engines, transmissions and brand new aftermarket body parts for all types of Japanese and domestic cars. We have the facilities, plenty of square footage, and knowledgeable staff to fulfill and surpass expectations.


A world leader

JDM Quality Auto Parts is a world leader in auto parts and that means we have the flexibility and resources to offer free same day and next day delivery, and we pay customs and duty charges for our American customers. JDM Quality Auto Parts charges the lowest shipping costs in North America and we’re ready to match anyone who tries to go lower! You can buy online and pay online by credit card, money order, bank transfer, and PayPal. We ship all over the world with seven days delivery time guaranteed anywhere in US and Canada - 2-4 weeks anywehre in Europe and Australia.


How we started

The JDM Quality Auto Parts started with a handful of employees and we’ve grown to more than 100 in facilities across Canada, the U.A.E, and Japan.  This international access gives us a tremendous advantage when it comes to the best parts at low prices, with shipping to anywhere as fast as anyone!

1 locations, and more coming soon!

JDM Quality Auto Parts has1 Ontario locations for your convenience.  It is located at 112 Sinnott Road.  Working hours are 9AM to 6PM, Monday through Friday, and Saturdays from 10 to 3.  We’re open online around the clock! 


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