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Frequently Asked Questions

Engine Information

What Parts are inluded with the engines?
What is an engine "swap"?
Does JDM Quality Auto Parts. buy back my old motor, is there a core charge?
What parts are not included with the engines?
Do I need to change any part on the engine? Such as pulleys, belts, gaskets?
Do Turbocharged engines come with the Turbo?


Does JDM Quality Auto Parts install engines?
I have an 88-91 Honda Civic/CRX, what will fit into my car?
I have a 90-93 Integra, what will fit into my car?
Can I put a RWD engine into a FWD car?
Which engines will fit into my car?


How many miles do the engines have?
Do the Japanese have to sell their engines or junk their cars at a particular mileage or time?
Why do JDM engines have lower mileage?

Ordering & Payment

How do I order an item and how do I add an item to my shopping cart?
What methods of payment do you accept?
Do I get a receipt/invoice for my purchase?
Will I get a confirmation for my order?
Is the ordering process secure?
What is the ordering process?
How can I delete an unwanted item from my shopping cart?
Can I have an order shipped to a P.O.Box?
What do I do if I forget my password?
How do I cancel or change my order?
What is the status of my refund?
Why do you need my email address & phone number?
My card expiration date isn't listed!
How do I use a discount code?
How can I print an order confirmation?
What is your return policy?
I recently returned an item, when will I receive a refund?
What is the difference between an authorization and a charge?


What is included in the price of each item?
In what currency are the prices?
Do the prices include shipping?


How long does shipping take?
What shipping company does JDM Quality Auto Parts use?
Will I be provided with tracking information?
Can I have the engine/item shipped directly to the shop?
How will I take the engine off the truck?
Does JDM Quality Auto Parts ship to a commercial or residential address?
Can I schedule a specific delivery date?
How much does shipping cost?
I just placed my order. Will it ship today?
Not all the parts came in the box!
Why can't discounts be applied to shipping charges?


What kind of warranty is included with each engine?
What kind of warranty is included with all brand new parts?
What happens in the case of a defective engine?
Does JDM Quality Auto Parts cover labour costs?
What does JDM Quality Auto Parts do to ensure that no problems occur?
Is warranty information included with the engine/item?
How can I file a warranty claim?

Finding Parts

What kinds of parts do you sell?
Where do your parts come from?
What does a part look like?
I'm interested in ordering online, is your website secure?
Can you send me a paper catalog?
I can't find a part I'm looking for. Where is it?
I already know the part number I need, is there a faster way to find it?
Do you carry parts for heavy trucks, lawnmowers, tractors or snowmobiles?
Do you offer discounts for large orders?
Why are your prices so much lower than at my local store or dealership?
I want to make sure I get the right part. Do you have photos of the parts?
Do you have the part I want in stock?
What is the warranty on my part?

Continue Shopping

I've ordered before, do I have to re-enter all my information?
Can I have the parts shipped to my mechanic/neighbor/brother-in-law?
Where are you located?
What payment methods do you offer?